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"The Waiting Room II" delves deep into the tapestry of human emotions, cultural pride, traditional wisdom, and divine providence. Set in an African milieu, the narrative unfolds with a vibrancy that is both culturally rich and emotionally resonant.

Central to the narrative are the biblical characters of Isaac and Ishmael, sons of Abraham. The juxtaposition of these figures adds a layer of complexity to the story, seamlessly weaving biblical themes into the cultural fabric of the Yoruba setting. The narrative takes a compelling turn as it explores the relationship between these half-brothers against the backdrop of a grand celebration-Isaac's birthday party.


"The Saved Thief" is a modern retelling of the saved thief on the cross with Jesus at Calvary. It focuses on a friend's pursuit of saving another. In the story, a boy is led astray, a boy who has always been lost discovers what it means to know Jesus, and a girl learns that, while she has no control over her friend's salvation, her Father does.

The Waiting Room II

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