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From Simple Passion to Full-Scale Business

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Mission Statement 

Olabooks International is a company dedicated to supplying basic support to those who are looking in to writing, self-publishing and marketing books. Olabooks International is a Christian publishing company dedicated to publishing Christian themed books and other books that may not be Christian but could be educational, inspirational, moral teaching, children's books or more. 

We publish books we believe in. We then try to sell them. Naturally, we try to make a profit. If we didn’t we wouldn’t last long. We are passionate about books and we long to see your book come to light. That’s why our slogan is “My Book. My Passion.”

We also have an online bookstore where books written by the publisher are displayed for sale. Every book published by Olabooks International is listed on the website for sale.

What Makes Us Different? 

Olabooks International is unique because it is established by an author who understands the need of authors and will be able to give the needed support to writers, and authors.

  • We publish books we believe in.

  • We give author support.

  • We write and publish books that will touch the hearts of those who read it.

  • We are open to inspiring and educating people of all races, moving forward, learning new things, and becoming better people.


Adeola Oyekola is the owner of Olabooks International. She is a Child Care provider in Washington, D.C. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a novelist and playwright, whose first collection of plays, The Waiting Room, was published in 2018. 

Adeola is a Christian who believes in propagating the gospel as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. Her love for writing and publishing has informed the birth of the publishing company, Olabooks International. Her desire is to see as many as possible people with the gift of writing become authors. She and her husband Tunde are blessed with three wonderful children.

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